THANK YOU for ANY insight you can provide. Since I need to establish residency in Rome and plan to stay for more than 90 days I requested a Visa which they refused. I am in the same predicament, here on a working holiday visa so my intention is to travel around for the first 3 months and means I don’t have a fixed address. Your post – especially the pictures – was the most helpful thing I found to help me feel ready. Do not lose these. I applied for the pds and went to the questura for my appointment, to find out that they didnt have my kit. It must be requested by the immigrant to be allowed to reside in the country for more than eight days, or more than ninety days […] Go to the tabbachi and buy a bollo. They might offer something ‘in nero’ or under the table, but that will likely be low wages and might get you both in trouble. Hi David – you will need the visa before you leave and will then convert that into the permesso. Do they ask for proof that you are staying at that address? Ruthy! Are you qualified to answer the questions? WFP, for example, will give you a carta d’identita from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, while consultants at FAO have to apply for the permesso. Can you point me in the right direction? Hope it all went well! Hi David – uau. I would suggest being in touch with the Italian embassy in Australia just to confirm if you need anything before departure or if you can apply for the carta di soggiorno (not di permesso) once you arrive. This is because you have to convert your visa (which grants you access into the country) to a permit of stay (which allows you to actually stay in the country). Hi Natalie. Just wish I had this last week when I went to my Questura appointment. I do have a quick question though, my partner and I obtained Italian working holiday Visas prior to leaving our country however completely missed the part about having to apply for the residency permit within 8 days, so we are now well over that time limit. Ricongiungimento familiare e Coesione familiare. I realize I must register with PdS within 8 days of arrival – so will follow your steps above – the catch is the health insurance – will a long term travel insurance policy covering medical and emergency evacuation be suitable – since it appears I cannot apply for a voluntary SSN without the PdS? I got this blog on very right time as I am in the middle of this process. Do you have only a residency certificate? I have just completed my appointment at the Questura. Good luck filling it out I have to redo mine soon. The embassy can help with the visa and the codice fiscale. I have schengen visa for europe.can i apply for permesso de soggiorno in italy???? Sa qualcuno dire cosa comporta portare in questura un passaporto con la data di nascita diversa(anno giusto) per il rinnovo del permesso di soggiorno. Thanks. I am from Albania and i have found a work contract in Italy . Hi Natalie, Having basic Italian will help you a lot. The HowToItaly blog has moved to Really. Should i follow the same steps in order to take the permesso and do i have to apply for a visa first to enter in Italy or to travel with schengen? Hi can you give more info about this However, the process is slowly getting better and it remains one of those necessities of life in Italy as a foreigner. Your post says the receipt will allow you to pick the packet up once you Thanks for all the info- super helpful! And also understanding, of course, that nothing is ever so simple :). Thank you. My husband came to Ialy from the USA with only our passports. Just keep in mind that you should keep the proof of application with you if you are traveling in and out of Italy. So, should we first get her a multiple entry visa or the apply for the permesso at Italy embassy in China? The dread is real, but you can get through it Good luck! Hi John! To be honest, I am not sure. You can travel with the receipt as proof! Hi Natalie, what happens if my card is ready and I’m not around at that particular time to pick it? Natalie is a food and travel writer who has been living in Rome full time since 2010. Do your best! For school? Please. I don’t want to work in Italy, neither study, I just want to enjoy the museums and the Venetian life style for those 7 months. If you already have permission to work in Europe, take the plunge and you can figure it out and apply in person here. Anyways, make sure you take the right kind of number. Offriamo informazioni sul permesso di soggiorno, cittadinanza, lavoro, studio e sull'immigrazione in generale. Vediamo insieme in questa completa guida come convertire il permesso di soggiorno in carta di soggiorno permanente.Il permesso di soggiorno consente, agli stranieri e agli apolidi, presenti sul territorio dello Stato italiano di rimanere in Italia; alle condizioni e … I imagine you probably need the actual card. Go home and wait some more. You can apply for family reunification – a carta d’soggiorno- once you are married. I know Bologna and Rome will be different in terms of cost of living, but if you have any advice on making that $6k stretch, I would appreciate it! Also, does anyone know about getting a passport stamped in San Marino (non-Schengen) and using that method as a way to stay in Italy for longer than the 90 days? This posting of yours helps a ton! Hi Hamadi – that should be fine as long as the permesso is valid. You can find machines that take photos like these for about €5 all over Rome, and especially at metro stations. You should be able to travel, but take all the receipts that you are given at the Post Office as proof that you have applied. Thank you for the article! Central Train station is a disaster of human depravity. I have received a sms for the date to pick up the permessio. Hi Natalie, I am EU Citizen, my wife is from China, and we’re preparing to move to Italy as our daughter will soon start at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Roma, for 4 years. I asked the questura who said I could just leave with my passport, but I wanted to ask whether or not the border control asks for proof of permit when leaving the Schengen area. We dont have a fixed address. My husband is American and I am a British Citizen with Italian residency etc. 7 Things You Can Do at an Italian Tabacchi – An American in Rome, A Quick Guide to Rental Agreements in Italy, Drinks at Caffe Florian: The Oldest Coffee House in Venice, Retro Vino e Caffe: Specialty Coffee and Wine in Rome. It happens all the time. Will that be a problem? Thanks, Never done. Bring a letter from your university with the dates of your enrollment. I was told that it was not necessary even after repeated request. I guess you’ve never had to go through the hassle of US Immigration. When we travel to Beijing to the visa office we then head to embassy and ask about codice fiscale and I will make contact with embassy before we go to Beijing. I was wondering if you would have any insight on this issue – I have a 12 month working holiday visa issued to me. I was wondering if you ever found out if it is possible to apply for renewal earlier than 60 days prior to expiry. I’m moving to Rome with my soon-to-be-husband. And you should be set from there. You focussed on the tiny details that are most nerve-wracking. I have been staying at a family’s home in Bologna for the first 6 weeks so perhaps I can just give them this address? Hi, thanks for this post! I did not know this when I applied for the visa, and I was intending to travel around without a fixed address. It is possible to apply for the Pemesso di Soggiorno for stay more than 90 days? Question on the health insurance. It shouldn’t be, but I’m not sure! A permesso di soggiorno (permit of stay) is not an entry visa, it is not a passport, and it is not an identity card. It is extremely helpful in knowing what to expect in obtaining a permesso de soggiorno. I didn’t have to include any residency info when applying for my actual visa. We will also travel to other countries during this time. Thank you for this post! I am in a tricky situation, I go back to Milan for university on September (as soon as I get there I’ll begin the process of renewing it), and my PdS expires in October, but I want to go back home for a couple of weeks in December/January for the holidays, and if my PdS takes as long as the last time (6 months), I will have nothing but the receipt as a travel document, besides my passport. Here, you will need to pay the fee for the permesso (varies depending on length of validity but is 107.50 euro for most common 1 year version), then you will have to pay the post office 30 euro- just because. Although Rome is trying to improve and expand its subway system, it’s basically a If you are EU, you don’t need a visa, you simply need to register once to come to Italy and you can also begin looking for work. In order to obtain a residence permit pensioner enough help from social security. It is the visa that is converted into permesso di soggiorno. Do you have to show it at the airport? Country and go again,how many times we can It’s not even the first time I’ve had to do this (semi-regular sabbaticals) but it is still a huge mental burden. Please,I would like to know what to do if I miss my appointment date and time due to unforeseen circumstances? Oh, and I do have one quick question. Thank god for your blog, so helpful! This is because you have to convert your visa (which grants you access into the country) to a permit of stay (which allows you to actually stay in the country). Wishing you the best of luck in Italy! I’ll be travelling back stateside for the months of June-September, and my PDS expires on the 23rd of September. Hi Natalie, I came to Italy one month back and going through all the nightmare. And sorry if you can please name me some of those countries it will nice,thank you. Don’t panic when the post office is out of kits. 12. At the post office, take a number. Now, nearly 4 years later, we are told that we should have had and now need a permisso di soggiorno to stay. Hello Natalie, In this case, I just show up like he does and apply for my PdS, right? The paperwork in Italy is never done. Wow! It should take around 45 days. Hi Chamie – Apologies but I don’t have visa advice. Are you saying that this would be impossible and that you 100% need a visa? grateful your info as always, I applied a teaching position, one requisite was ‘ valid working papers for Italy’ – unclear this meaning, I am EU so need Codice Fiscale, home address Italy (will be Anzio) then anagrafe. Other sites say that once I have a PdS I can use the Italian national health system.While these statements are not contradictory I would guess that the latter is too good to be true, is it? This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. 2. Then you wait some more. Yes, all of it. Also well connected by road/buses (by the Cristoforo Colombo). I went to the post office today and got my “kit” – I seriously would have had no clue without this article! Mio compagno all ingresso via mare alla richiesta del asilo e permesso di soggiorno, ha fornito una data di nascita sbagliata (motivo deceso improvviso dei genitori, che precedentemente l'hanno adottato e partenza improvvisa dal paese, praticamente scappato dopo il deceso violento dei genitori). Once I retire, I will be joining my boyfriend in Florence. I get Social Security and withdraw from my IRA; no pension or other source of income. I am not 100% sure on this one. If you are non-EU, you have to get a visa that allows work, or no employers can hire you legally. Hi Sam – that should be possible as long as you have all the receipts and supporting documents. Hmmm.. However, I will be going home on Dec. 09 to spend Christmas holidays. This is a great piece Natalie–really thorough and a great touchstone as I wade through paperwork of our third round of permessi…I still feel that, when all is said and done, it’s so worth it, and so I plod onward. Hi Sophia! However, I was not asked this by the time I got to the permesso application. Thank you for the prompt reply! You can be in Italy as an American (and many other country citizens) for 90 days in a 180 period. Do you any article on how to get Certificato di idoneita alloggiativa from commune office. I am sure it will all go well for you — good luck! Thanks for all the great information, Natalie. Learn how your comment data is processed. Welcome your thoughts? So a neighborhood with a metro line- or do you want to be near a train station? Will the permesso di soggiorno be the best option? Apply now instead, or ?re-apply?, for a PdS & for what duration if done at this point? I’m very curious about your journey from the US to Italy and hope you’re keeping a blog! Vorrebbe richiamare la famiglia dalla Sierra Leone, tra l'altro, quindi l'errore nel cognome è grave. Let’s start with insurance: 1) You say above that I must have health insurance to get a PdS. I’ve been reading a bunch of different expat blogs and so happy I found yours! However, if you only have a visa for 6 months, then the maximum amount of validity of your permesso is 6 months. Or does having my German residency (VISA) allow me to apply directly for the permesso somewhow? She would like to only take classes Jan-end of June while Host family’s child is in school It is also your proof that you have applied, and you should technically carry it with you if you travel outside of Italy before you get your handy PdS card. Hi Vasanda! Hi Natalie, I have come to Italy through a Family Reunion Visa and I have applied for my PSD but I have a single entry visa can I come back to Italy to collect my PSD with my post office receipt? Thanks for your article. What are my options please, Hi Peter – I would suggest calling the questura directly. Our Italian consulate in Miami tells us that since we already have residency, we do not need it. I usually pick my up from my own questura any time after it is ready… not at an assigned time and date. Thanks again! Hi natalie, Amazing blog! One of these was a letter from my landlord saying I had permission to live in the house. I’m an American, and will not be working at this point. I’m 100% ITALIAN and I never find out how simple is to get a resident permit , ( permesso di soggiorno ) I move in usa ?? School can not mail Acceptance letter (regardless of duration) until Aug 20th I just want to make sure that I didn’t have to make copies of every page of the application (modulo1) and that I’ll be fine showing up with just the copies and original copies you mention above and that the receipt of the application from the post office will suffice? I’ve tried to look for an answer everywhere but seem to be getting nowhere! Hi, Can I travel in and out of Italy while the application is being processed ?? Hi Emaan! 18. Signing this requires you to attend a few Italian civics and life classes, which I assume is simply a matter of showing up and staying to the end of the class (no tests required as far as I know). Without permission to work, you will probably need to find the company that wants to hire you first and then apply for the visa through them., Roma. Upon entering, you will then pickup the folder of documents you dropped off at the post office by showing your receipt. Hi Kaitlan, Do you think I need to apply for the permesso di soggiorno to be able to leave the country? thanks in advance. I forgot to mention – it should be fine to other Schengen countries. Natalie many thanks. Required fields are marked *. I am not able to understand it first the process what I am doing and for what. Hello Natalie, Get out a dictionary, open the kit, and start filling out forms. I’m not sure I will stay in Italy more than 90’s days though – do I need to get the PdS? Permesso per motivi umanitari, correzione di rotta dopo l’abrogazione del Decreto Salvini. I am assuming I have my CF, Get a home fast in Anzio 50km south west of Roma where I have Italian friends, Go to Anagrafe in Anzio to register my residency and go thru’ that process – and that should be all. You would not qualify for national healthcare and so would have to prove that you are covered by private health insurance in order to apply for the visa/permesso. What a great blog, so many helpful pages! Again Thanks a bunch !! I would like to make a few weekend trips outside of Italy if possible; however, it seems that it takes forever to receive it. Hi Sofia – you do not need to copy the module! Otherwise you need to find a way to notify them and be issued a new date and time. We don’t want to work, just stay in Italy for 6 months traveling. Il primo passo per ottenere il permesso di soggiorno è quello di presentare regolare domanda tramite kit postale. Should I start worrying? Is it necessary? Thanks, Hi Natalie, I live in the USA. I have already rented an apartment for 7 months (from febraury 1st – Sept 1st.) If you want to work in Italy, the best way is to have an employer sponsor you. Hi there, I am a student in Italy, applied the permesso in June and had my fingerprinted in early July. Which visa should I be applying for from the consulate here? Thanks, Hi Sandra – I have this now and I think once all my documentation was approved, it only took about two weeks before I was able to pick it up at the questura. I read through them all and didn’t find an answer to mine, which is: I am an American citizen arriving Oct. 2nd in Rome with a student visa, but I made plans to travel to Greece for ten days immediately after arriving in Rome (actually the next day, but likely not enough time to apply for the permesso). Hi Natalie, Do you have to pay tax when you are a resident? I’m so glad that the blog is helpful! Get your appointment! I am thinking of the temporary residence permit for minors who have been exploited. Hi Emerald, as far as I understand the process – it is the opposite. Ovviamente mai visto suo certificato di nascita e festeggiando il suocompleanno senza sapere in data dell adozione, voluta dai genitori adottivi. They will have the copy! Office open limited hours so anyone in China – check esp China National holiday times and CNY not that far away, only a few months, Hi Natalie, I recall reading about something to do with ‘elective residency’ what is that? Natalie, We don’t plan on staying in one place for long enough to do the application, have an iterview and so on. I appreciate your thoughts, and I’m sorry if the question has already been addressed in this very popular thread. 3. Hi Emily — I am so glad it is helpful! The time to be ” legal ” in this country is absolutely too much . Good Luck! Note: I already have an apt lined up for my initial arrival (approx July 2018) and I have retained a lawyer for my js once my residency is official. Hi Natalie. We are retirees and have means to support ourselves as well as health insurance. I know, I know; everybody’s need/circumstances differ, yadda yadda. Infatti il legislatore ha previsto diverse carte o permessi per lavorare, soggiornare e risiedere legalmente sul territorio italiano. I’ve just gone through getting permessi for myself and my family. No one told me I need to bring copies of other things with me. I’m also being told that we will not be eligible for a visa because we don’t have a documented reason to stay beyond 90 days. Hi Nayeem– I don’t know about that kind of permesso, but it should be in the booklet. It’s normal practice among the Chinese that with young daughter mum goes too to ensure daughter is ok. I’m presently sorting out a Schengen visa for my wife, that she’s allowed being married to me, I plan to resume my teaching work on-line from where we will live so of course need sort out Codice Fiscale. Pay attention to the giant screens that show which number the officials are currently serving. Thank you for your wiliness to share this information. I’m a political asylum in italy recently get permisso di soggiorno .can i work with it ? Hi Natalie, first off GREAT site! It is more difficult to change the application appointment, but you can collect it almost any time after it is ready. Per tutte le tipologie di aggiornamento, è necessario ritirare presso gli uffici postali un apposito Kit, del quale compilare solo il “modulo 1”, ed aggiungere ad esso la documentazione ulteriore, che varia in base alla ragione per la quale si procede all’aggiornamento. Hi Natalie – best info I have been able to find – so thank you. Go to the Post Office (ugh). Thanks? Anyway thank you very much for the information and it would be very helpfull if i i can contact you for more information. Altro, Rispondi a: Correzione dati sul permessodi soggiorno. Thanks for this labor of love! 1. Congrats! So I thought it is easy for me but the experince was very different. That means the 90 days is technically built into whatever else you have, not hanging around to be used afterwards? I had an elective residency visa for Italy for many years but I had to let it lapse and return home to the US for a few years. So after many phone calls, my kit may either be lost or in a different questura—Im still in the process of locating it. many thanks. Thoughts? Penso al permesso di soggiorno temporaneo per i minorenni, per coloro che sono stati sfruttati. We do not work here in Italy and live solely on our social security. It is very helpful Will I be able to pick the appointment date for the Questra? Many permessi expire on 12/31 (or at least mine always do) so it seems like as good a time as any to try to wade through the process. I want to live in Venezia. 47K likes. Hi Natalie, I waited about 3 hours to complete the appointment when I returned. Hi Usually, they will throw all the paper away when you have your actual appointment, but sometimes they scowl if you try to put in only the picture and visa pages. On the appointed day and time, take your receipt from the post office, your supporting document copies (school letter, work contract, etc), your passport and 4 Italian passport sized photos to the questura. Hi Denise – tourist visas are for three months or less, and permessi are only for 3.5 months or more, so you cannot. These are the steps to follow when you already have a visa for Italy for more than 3 months. I believe the best thing is to go in person to request this change of dates. They would only ask for proof that you applied for a permesso if you had stayed much more than 90 days. Also why am I nervous?! I’ve been wondering for years how one can move to Italy (Rome, specifically). I tried to track it online they showing in process. DA PORTARE IN QUESTURA: Domanda di correzione; N° 4 fotografie formato tessera; permesso o carta di soggiorno + fotocopia; passaporto + fotocopia; marca da bollo da € 11,00; documentazione del motivo della correzione (se dati anagrafici da ambasciata dell'interessato). It is the visa that will determine if you can or cannot work. Or maybe am I just a bit naive, Natalie Hey Natalie, Just got my first PDS! Gah! I am thinking cover for self, wife (daughter I need understand that situ re her Art University in Rome), what would be good ideas? Obviously, if we don’t get the visas, we need to leave the Schengen area for 3 months and then return to Italy. Once inside, you will go through a quick security screening. Can one travel to other Schengen countries while the permesso di soggiorno is being processed? ?are there different times of residences(residenza ellettiva)? It seems the process is much quicker in Rome. Hi Loulou – you don’t enter the country as a tourist. kit postale – Per poter richiedere il rilascio oppure il rinnovo del permesso di soggiorno, a partire dall’11 dicembre 2006, in Italia viene usato un nuovo metodo.Le domande devono essere presentate agli Uffici delle Poste Italiane che si occupano del servizio di Sportello Amico.. I am American. When you exit the station, turn right and look for the bus stop for bus 437. As soon as I arrived,my plans changed and realized I could only stay less than 90 days and booked my return ticket home (in which case the visa is not required). Or is it usually the case that the permesso won’t be granted until after the semester has started? Hi Natalie! No need for a permesso! In Italy, the post office is used to paying bills, banking and sending packages in addition to applying for immigration status. Are there any other places that it is necessary to show it? My fiance from Rome (Italian citizen) and i (US citizen) are planning our wedding in September. Come controllare online se il permesso di soggiorno è pronto? Autenticazione. Thanks! At any point during the process were you asked for proof of income? Thank you. Hi my name is fred me and my wife was married in austria am Nigeria my wife is Austrian when I wen to post the kit I put my international marriage certificate that was translated and approved but when I got to qestura on my appointment day the polizia didnt collect my international marriage certificate that was translated and approved he then na collected the international marriage certificate like that because he said is already valid in all countries and I was finger printed hope is not a problem.thanks, Hi, thanks for sharing this information. if issued only for the duration of her student visa, would be expired by then?). If that isn’t feasible am I wrong in assuming that I can send off the Kit Giallo say a week before the PDS expires and expect no hiccups? Also, can we apply for jobs without the residency permit? Take your forms, photo copies and bollo back to the post office. Thanks, Hillary! However, that is nothing more than an somewhat educated guess! 3 – within 20 days of receipt of PdS, go to Anagrafe you enter the country as a tourist and then apply right? 01/02/2014 05:28 pm ET Updated Mar 04, 2014 I wait with them, under the first pink streaks of sunrise. If so, does she need to start the whole PdS process for this 90 day period, the full year- long intended stay, or not at all at this point? Definitely going to binge-read the blog instead of doing schoolwork!! DO NOT sign the form. I’m a bit confused though, I have read some places that you do not need a visa to apply for a permesso di soggiorno, but you can do it just with a passport. This may result in Visa not getting back in time for her initial travel I have applied for Permesso through my husband (Italian) in Calabria (South Italy). Ciao. A visa is your permission to enter the country, where as the permesso is the permission to stay. #permessodisoggiorno,#problemsofsoggiorno, come film the. Thank you Natalie. 2) Assuming that the semester will begin in the later half of September, when would you recommend arriving in Italy that will give me enough time to find a place to stay? David. My question is if my husband is a dual citizen can I (a US citizen) apply for a PS without having a visa first? This helped me so much – thank you! Hello natalie, please if i may i need a fast reply, is it ok to miss the appointment for the permit ? If yes please let me know the same. Utenti che conoscono bene questa destinazione e rispondono spesso alle domande degli altri viaggiatori. 4. So it is valid for one year, but that year is eaten away by many of the steps. Travel to Italy in Sept, stay Sept-Dec (90 days only) with no visa It's updated daily so why not come along and join the party? I have just 45 days schengen visa.i want to live in europe. Hi Lauren, Did you find out any further info on this? Dopo che il Consiglio di Stato nell’autunno 2016 aveva bocciato in via definitiva le tariffe previste sino ad allora per il rilascio o il rinnovo del permesso di soggiorno, con un minimo di 80 euro e un massimo di 200 a seconda dei casi, ora finalmente con la pubblicazione sulla Gazzetta Ufficiale dell’aggiornamento deciso dal Ministero dell’Economia. A list of these is available on the Poste Italia website. I am a citizen of the U.S.A. When I arrived, I waited 2 hours, and then was told there was some problem and I had to come back the next day instead. You should be able to use the receipt from the post office to apply for work. Istruzioni per l'uso... 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